Impacts of Internet, Social Media and Email on Studies and Lives of the People (Shot Essay for Examination Help)

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Internet is becoming an essential and valuable able resource for the students for searching their help for the education. Not only to this but it has also helped learning them to their favorite subjects at home. We have written a short essay on the topic for the students that will help then to add some of the sentences about internet, social media or e-mail to their examination papers!
Internet, a network of computing gadgets, tolls and devices like computers, are connected with each other using standard communication protocols. All the modern age things have greater impacts than ever before. Internet doesn’t only give access but ingresses us to a large volume of useful precious and valuable informative world. Originating from some computers in US Department of Military Operations to a billion devices network is the evidence of fast and speedy progress of human beings. Not only providing us the swift and speedy ways of communication like e-mail, social networks etc but also for the low costs which we pay to internet service providers.
Social media has revolutionized the lives of the people and even organizations or enterprises. It seems to play an imperative part of the people’s lives around the globe. Sitting in far off places, behind the walls in a room can connect a person to an unseen cyber friend which is easier and full of fun.
A person can meet another person with some unique and charming abilities which greatly impart impacts onto some of the nation or simply a person’s life.
Newspapers, magazines, journals and educational books are just one click/tab away. Its advantages are low-cost, high speed accessibility to information and quality entertainment makes it endure it to the people. It has dark and ugly sides as well. Besides students will spend too much of their time through internet surfing and neglect studies. Not only to students but even elderly people can neglect some of their important works as well. In the same way social media has weaken the persons’ verbal communication skills. Its advantages are superior to its disadvantages. The internet is becoming a town square for the global village of tomorrow.
The points mentioned above pose a new challenge to teachers and parents. There are demands from various quarters that there should be some rules, avenues and regulations to check theses issues. We believe that instead of making internet a taboo, we should empower and educate our children and youth through its benefits.