Be Attentive and Pay Attention to Boring and Lengthy Lectures

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It is very hard for most of the student to pay whole attention and concentration to the lengthy lectures of like 100 or above packed slides. Even lectures aren’t those important paying attention is very important and handy. To concentrate on the words, all the diagrams and other stuff it is very useful to follow the simple procedure or trick!
Prepare Beforehand:
Some teachers prove an outline which tell you the topics going to be covered into the lecture. So, prepare the given topic before lecture. Even if the lecture goes into the different topic your preparation will definitely help to somewhat. It isn’t possible all the time because of other education burdens but believe me, it really helps. Only 15 – 20 mins are enough for this purpose. Preparing the topics before lecture can help you to understand the most difficult concepts definitions etc. Considering this trick will warm you mind up for lengthy lectures.
Write Notes:
You should write your notes but don’t every line what teacher says or writes. Write only summary and the sentences which are most emphasized for papers point of view. Usually 100+ mins lectures are very lengthy to make your notes but writing only important points can provide an interval to tune up for the remaining lecture.
Use bullets for important points and make diagrams using different contrasting colors for clear notes which you’ll find easier to search information later at home or during exams. Even if you don’t understand anything during lecture write a question which you can ask you teacher later or research at home. Writing notes will definitely keep you engaged to the words of teacher and lengthy lectures.
Engage yourself:
If you don’t understand something your brains starts going off and eventually you lose the interest. Write down the question and topics you don’t understand and think yourself about them, if you don’t understand or have a confusion ask teacher.
The little break during the questions should be used as a mental break. Even talk your lecturer for a little while off topic. Some teachers do it automatically. This would help you to relief the panic and provide you freshness. On breaks during lectures go outside the classroom and talk other people and laugh, drink water so you can go into the lecture refreshed.
Remain Comfortable during Lecture:
Sometime extreme weather and it’s affects don’t let you pay full attention. Be properly dressed so you aren’t too hot or cold. Chose a comfortable seat, if the seating plan isn’t that good change you seat.
Stay Hydrated and Eat Gently:
During lecture if your stomach is too full or even too hungry, you’ll lose your attention. Even during a very busy day, take something to eat before and after the lecture. You should take your own water bottle with yourself in the lecture. Take water after regular intervals and you’ll feel relaxed.
Record the Voice:
Record the voice of your lecturer so you can listen it later on. It is a good and wise strategy to record it on your mobile phone and listen it to grab some of the missed information during dull hours. Don’t listen in the original voice speed but use 1.5 or more times the original speed. You can increase your speed to save more time.
Lectures aren’t that important and don’t be worried about the lectures. Tension or stress level can decrease the concentration level down. During 2 or more than 2 hours lectures it is very hard to pay 100% full attention to all the information during. If the information is very important, it’ll likely be repeated somewhere else. Stay focused on big idea so you’ll learn other small concepts easily.

Good Luck!