Best Field for Arts Students and Choice of Subjects

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Are you looking for a field having greater scope in future? Which field suites your interest?
The most asked question among students is the choice of field that might produce a comfortable and bright future. The students mostly don’t go to their interested field but they just run behind the field/program having greater benefits in future. Chasing a good ambition and moving to a good direction can lead a peaceful and happy life other than wealthy one! The contentment of heart is the only thing that can make a person happy.
So, lets come to our topic which one is the field for you that can provide you a job. First, decide whether you want to go behind your will/interest or you are looking for a job in future. If you are going behind your interest, keep going without listening to others and remember there is surely success in your life and you’ll also earn a good livelihood. But if you are looking for some greater scope program/field then it is a little bit difficult to explain and tell which exact field will lead you to achieve your goal.
I have been listening to students particularly in distance learning discussing which field will suit then in futures. If you are looking to make progress then you can do it even in any field. But our recommendations for arts students is to chose compulsory subject for future degrees and job seeking purposes. Education is the most preferred among arts students to apply for a job and for educators the degree in compulsory subject is very important to compete for the educator’s job.
When I mean compulsory subjects, I mean you should chose Urdu, English, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies and in science subjects chemistry, physics and mathematics rather than choosing Education, Punjabi etc. degrees which are being studied as optional subjects at school or college level. Choosing a subject for your masters and sticking to it for a long time can make you gain experience and best competitor in the exam and interview stages during your job search process.
In conclusion, firstly choosing a right field and on second sticking to it to gain experience, knowledge and good competitor can lead you to achieve you goal. First chose the subject for you study carefully as described above, highly recommended to choose compulsory subjects.