Education System, Issues and Solutions in Pakistan

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Apart from the general benefits of education which includes power, sense and knowledge of knowing own-self, it also plays an important role for the progress and development of a country or state. These modern age days completely depends on the education which includes important factors like literacy rate and quality of education etc in a country. The nations willing to make progress priorities the education among other governing matters. Discussing about literacy rate in different countries of the world unfortunately, Pakistan is a backward country in this regard. Even many of the poor and having unstable law and order situations have higher literacy rate as compared to Pakistan. Whole education governing system is responsible for all this.
Pakistan has been facing this kind of problem since day one after the independence of sub-continent. That is why Quiad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah has paid great stress on education and asked people to acquire education and called it matter of life and death in his address. "Education is a matter of life and death for our country"
It is to be noted that the literacy race was as less as 85% after the independence and in the most backward areas the rate was even lower. That time there was only university in Pakistan (University of Punjab). Our constitution allows each and every citizen to get education. It should be the duty of a state to provide free, compulsory and quality education to its inhabitants. Not only to the constitution it is obligatory to each Muslim to acquire knowledge. Islam has made it compulsory to its followers. In spite so much importance and emphases on getting education not much has been done in this regard. It is obvious that education hasn't been a priority to any governments in the country.
In rural areas particularly for female getting education is much difficult because of far off schools, colleges and universities which are even far. Unfortunately, of about only 3.5 to 4 % of annual budget is allocated to education department of the country. Definitely, that small amount of reserved budget isn't enough to provide good quality education. Other than that high amount is reserved for the debt payments and defenses.
Different NGOs, private institutions are working to get rid of darkness created by lower literacy rate and other educational problems. Free books are being provided to the students, recently Punjab government has distributed practical notebooks to different school students. NGOs are providing funds to needy and poor students to help them grow in an educational environment. Merits scholarships are available for talented students.
Different govt. officers are looking to solution to the problems of country but only very few are paying attention towards education which is a solution to all other problems of the country. Lack of attention, lack of planning, gender gap and cost of education are among the sever problems in the country for educational environment.
Education is the most important subject which is paid least amount of attention. Federal and well as state governments should play a supportive role towards education. Technical education should be a part of even lower level education like secondary education etc. Corruption is educational departments is one of the major problem which should be removed at any cost at first. Schools should be upgraded and new vacancies of teachers and students should be added. The reforms and works which are important in education system can't only be done by government but it demands a public participation as well.