Associate Degree In Education Old Papers | AIOU

Associate Degree In Education is a 2 years course/program. AIOU is providing it in distance learning to students. Here are the books with their respective code numbers are listed below. Past/previous papers of each book is available to download. The code numbers are given to easily and efficiently explore different subjects. Just follow the link of any book to get past papers.
Here are the books, click on any book to get old papers!
Here are the subjects being taught/offered.

Subjects in Associate Degree In Education
Sr No.Subject NameCode No
1 General Methods of Teaching 6400
2 General Mathematics and Statistics 6401
3 Educational Psychology and Guidance 6402
4 Classroom Management 6403
5 General Science 6404
6 Education in Pakistan 6405
7 Curriculum Development 6406
8 Classroom Assessment 6407
9 Teaching of Islamic Studies and Pak Studies 6408
10 Teaching of Math 6409
11 Arts Craft and Calligraphy 6410
12 Foundations of Education 6411
13 School Society and Teacher 6412
14 Introduction to Inclusive Education 6413
15 Teaching of General Science 6414
16 Urdu 6416