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MA Education specialization in Distance and Non-Formal Educaiton programme comprises of 60 credit hours is a 2 years course/program. AIOU is providing it in distance learning to students. Here are the books with their respective code numbers are listed below. Past/previous papers of each book is available to download. The code numbers are given to easily and efficiently explore different subjects. Just follow the link of any book to get past papers.
Here are the books, click on any book to get old papers!
Here are the subjects being taught/offered.

Subjects in M.A Education (DNFE)
Sr No.Subject NameCode No
1 Educational Technology 834
2 Foundations of Adult Education 835
3 Educational Research 837
4 Curriculum Development and Instructions 838
5 Educational Psychology 840
6 Educational Measurement and Evaluation 841
7 Concepts and Methods of Distance Education 842
8 Educational Guidance & Counselling 843
9 Non-Formal Education 844
10 Educational Administration and Supervision 845
11 Teaching Strategies 846
12 Adult Education in Comparative Perspective 847
13 Evaluation of Adult Education 850
14 System of Distance Education 851
15 Broadcast Media in Distance Education 852
16 Non Broadcast Media in DNFE 853
17 Developing Material for DNFE 854
18 Computer in Education 855